React Courses

React Courses

We are using JavaScript to create dynamic web pages. Even though JavaScript is good, it sometimes makes it hard to build complex pages. Then people were moved to jQuery. But the problem was not solved. And we found React nowadays. React.js is one of the top JavaScript libraries which is loved by a lot of front-end developers.

In React.js we have three main areas.

  • React
  • React DOM
  • Data

React has all common libraries since React Native also uses the same. React DOM will act as a shallow DOM of the web pages. Here we are using the dynamic data to build the dynamic web pages. We can say the React DOM will respond to data while we change the data. So the actual DOM will update, whenever the data changes happen. This is a main feature and concept of React and known as Reactive Feature. Some of the common features of React.js are, 

  • Component based
  • You can use React with React Native also
  • Stateful Component
  • Not a framework, just a JavaScript library

Best React Courses – Free

  1. Full-Stack Web Development with React
  2. Front-End Web Development with React
  3. Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with React & Redux

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